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Hervé-François Le Dévéhat
President and Founder

Hervé-François has an extensive background in designing and bringing successful products to market both in the broadcast equipment and consumer electronic industries.

His experience includes 4 years as research and development engineer and project manager at Telos Systems, where he conducted several projects pioneering streaming MP3 technology. Major customers included Family Radio Networks, WorldSpace, NASA and Vulcan (Paul Allen).

In 1999, while working in the AudioActive division of Telos Systems, Hervé-François developped the first Professional Streaming Audio Decoder for IP networks, successfully used for transcontinental live audio transmission over the Internet.

In 2000, Hervé-François joined the Kerbango team at 3Com headquarters. He prototyped the first Standalone Wireless Internet Radio Appliance. The Kerbango Radio was demonstrated at CES'2001 and awarded Best in Show. 

In 2001, Hervé-François joined Apple Computer as a Product Architect in the Hardware R&D department. He conducted researches to improve sound output on new lines of Macintosh computers and helped with the development of the iPod MP3 player.

In late 2001, leveraging his experience in both broadcast equipment and consumer electronic industries, Hervé-François pursued his vision of a convergence between system integration, connectivity and user-friendliness and as a result founded Kersonic.

Hervé-François holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from ESME-Sudria in Paris, France.

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