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Air-Check System

KS-1 Listening NetStation
Kersonic KS-1 Listening NetStation quickly accesses intranet and radio automation software, browses audio libraries, monitors what's playing at a local or remote location, and controls broadcast equipment; all through an easy-to-use touch-screen interface.

KS-1 Media Server
Kersonic KS-1 Media Server provides a smart link between existing broadcast system and Kersonic KS-1 Listening NetStations.

Air-Check Monitoring System
Coming soon.

"The Kersonic KS-1 Listening NetStation can be associated to journalist's PC workstation, thus making it possible to dedicate the KS-1 terminal for playback functions while the PC is used for audio editing and access to the editorial system."

- Sylvain Anichini, Deputy General Manager at Radio-France (France)

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