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In the past few years, the evolution of the Internet and the broad availability of IP networking tools have radically changed the way broadcasters work. Media content can now be produced, and easily shared using a simple network connection and web browser. Media-over-IP technology makes it possible for broadcasters to conveniently and easily access live streams coming from anywhere in the world. Kersonic embraces Media-over-IP as an empowering technology for new and creative programming, production and content sharing. New technology does not have to translate to more complexity. Kersonic has created easy-to-use yet powerful Media-over-IP solutions for the broadcast professionals that simplify and improve media communication.

Our Objectives

Kersonic assists broadcasters maximize the use of their networked media resources. We provide the tools needed to fully exploit Media-over-IP technology.

Kersonic is committed to providing easy to use, widely accessible, cost-effective and robust media resource sharing solutions. Focus on running your business without worrying about the technology.

We are pragmatic and flexible in providing competitive, usable solutions.

Our solutions are the best because they are:
Cost effective
Ready to deploy
User friendly

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